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"Our team's daring collaborations with a diverse range of boundary-breaking artists and creatives from around the world result in cultural content that is not only intellectually stimulating, but also challenges the status quo and leaves a lasting impact."

Please Don't Tell is a creative collective devoted to producing content that critiques, subverts, and examines dominant cultural tropes. Our organizational structure prioritizes the autonomy of our collaborators while maintaining alignment with our overarching artistic vision. Our signature style, deeply rooted in narrative storytelling, draws inspiration from various disciplines such as film studies, fashion theory, and graphic design to construct a complex and ever-expanding universe of interconnected narratives.

Collaborator Profile

We are a group of artists who are passionate about storytelling and wish to use our skill sets to expand the world of our cast of fictional characters. Whether you are a writer, product designer, musician, your talent should be relevant to the themes, values, and tone of our artistic universe.

Product Profile

Our shop features products and limited-edition objects created by us, as well as pre-existing items that align with our aesthetic guidelines and concerns. If you wish to submit a product such as apparel, zine, prints, etc. please provide a brief description of the product, your practice, and its relevance to our artistic universe.

Our team behind the scenes

Collaborative Opportunities

Secret Stories

Our 'Secret Stories' section offers a multi-faceted exploration of a diverse cast of fictional characters, often interconnected as visual narratives. Each piece is brought to life through an imagined biography, photography, and design elements. We welcome submissions from external contributors to create a dynamic and constantly evolving narrative.


Our editorial platform is dedicated to exploring and pushing the boundaries of art, culture, and creativity. We curate a diverse range of content that spans across different disciplines, including fiction, reality, and the in-between. Our featured pieces, artist profiles, and long-form articles connect these different spheres. If you believe your work aligns with our mission and would like to be featured, please submit it for consideration: collab@pdt.studio.


We regularly organize group shows and create opportunities for our collaborators to showcase their works. Whether it be a pop-up exhibition, virtual experience, or artistic happening, we are constantly seeking producers with hands-on experience in this field to join us.


We are looking for artists who are passionate about helping us bring to life the unique world of each of our fictional characters through apparel, music, and limited-edition collectibles. We invite those who have a creative eye to join us in our mission to create a vibrant and immersive storytelling experience. Together, we can create a truly captivating and believable world for each of our characters.

Art Submissions

We welcome boundary-pushers and rule-breakers to submit their portfolios for consideration to join our revolutionary creative collective. To do so, give us a taste of your unique perspective and explain how it aligns with our mission of pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo, by emailing us atcollab@pdt.studio. Our team will review all submissions and reach out to those who are a perfect fit for our revolutionary vision.

Product Submissions

Submit your product or item for consideration to submission@pleasedonttell.shop with a detailed description outlining the features, benefits and value of your product or item. Please provide as much information as possible including images and videos, if available, to help us understand your product or item better. We look forward to reviewing your submission!